Why should you do my program?

Are you looking to get into fitness but dont know any workouts or diet plans to use? Well my programs will give you all you need to start your fitness journey. I have done thousands of hours in research looking at the best ways to build muscle or get shredded. I have designed each of the below programs with Goals in mind.

Online Coaching

Have you tried working out and wasn't able to reach your goals? or maybe your new to fitness and need some help. I recommend hiring me as your online trainer! I would love to teach and help you!

Just send me a DM on Instagram @doss.Landenn or a text on snap @Landenn_doss.

  • I do one call/ facetime a week to check in on how you're feeling on the program/ diet.
  • I will also text you every day to motivate you and make sure you're keeping on track of the program because that's what I'm here for!
  • I Do one on one guided HIIT workouts on zoom every week.
  • I will give you a personalized diet plan to optimize your results and we can change it up as time goes by to give you the best results.
  • I also will give you a workout program designed to best fit you.
  • You can text me anytime and i will respond ASAP

Send me a email if you are interested!